Applications that will help you to learn English

English is one of the most dominating languages of the world which is having its impact on almost every field of work. Knowing the English language increases your chances of getting a job in abroad or in a Multinational Company within your country. It is an International language which is used on the internet and all. So knowing English is very important in our life.

    Here we are introducing some applications that will help you to learn English in an easy and effective way.

1. Hello English

    Hello English covers all the aspects of language learning, including translation, vocabulary, grammar, spoken, spellings and reading skill. But for using this app, you should already know the basics of the English language, ie alphabets, basic English structure, etc.

    For using this app, first, you will need to select your native language from a list of 22 languages. After that you will get 20 questions, that will assess your current English level. After that test, the app will give you the lessons which are suitable for you.

    This app features 475 interactive lessons, provides you interactive games, have a discussion with teachers, 1000 words dictionary and many more. You can also know your global and city rank.

    This app is available in android as well as ios

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2. Duolingo

    Duolingo is the world’s most popular English speaking app today and highly recommended for beginners. This app helps you to learn 23 languages including English. Duolingo helps you to teach languages using interactive games by spending just 20 minutes a day.

    Beginners can start from scratch by learning verbs, phrases, and sentences. Advanced learners can also improve your language by completing writing, speaking and vocabulary lessons.

    This app provides a wonderful teaching strategy. If you make any mistake, the app will immediately give you a different game to correct your mistake and if you further make mistakes, the app will give you another game to help you understand the mistakes.

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3. Memrise

    Memrise offers you a large variety of courses not only in English but for a lot of different languages. Memrise is a crowd-sourced learning platform ie, the courses are actually constructed by other members of the Memrise community.

    Memrise focuses mainly to help users expand their vocabulary by learning English words in an innovative way. It uses some easy and creative way to remember words for learning English. It also helps you to improve your grammar very easily and within no time and helps you to become an advanced speaker of English. Memrise also offers an offline mode to learn English without an internet connection.

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    busuu is almost similar to Memrise. The courses provided here are also created by custom native speakers. busuu is also one of the best English speaking apps available today and highly recommended for beginners.

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    busuu provides courses in 12 languages to more than 90 million users worldwide. The busuu team regularly measures the effectiveness of busuu’s language learning methodology. busuu allows you to interact with the native English speakers and hence helps you to improve your English speaking skills.

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