Create and Share 3D Photos in Social Media

Facebook is a well known social media. We are chosen Facebook for sharing photos, videos, our thoughts, etc.The one of the recent sharing feature is the 3D photo sharing on Facebook. You can create and share the 3D images. You can create the 3D images in your phone and share through social media like Facebook.

Facebook is a popular online social networking service that provides the sharing facility. Now they introduce a new feature called the sharing 3D pictures.With this feature, it captures a third-dimension layer on the news feeds and the VR mode. Now this feature is available in the Apple iphones and all the users need to do it by capture the portrait images with the compatible dual lens smartphones and share it as 3D images.

Steps to create and post the 3d images on facebook.

The following steps can help  you to create and share 3D images on your facebook:

  1. Fristly you just open your camera on your Smartphone.
  2. Then select the portrait mode to capture the photo that you want to share with your friends. you can also select the already created images that capture with the portrait mode.
  3. Then open the facebook app on your device.
  4. Next create a new post.
  5. Tap the three dots at the top right corner.
  6. From the drop-down list select the “3D photo”.
  7. Choose the image you want to share in 3D.
  8. Then you can add any captions or description to your post if you want.
  9. Now your post is ready to share, so click on the share button.

They were starting the new facility to share the photos with the 3D dimension it creates a new appearance to the app.The technology that captures the distance between the object and the background. The 3D images create the feel and movements to the objects.

Earlier they released a feature “unsend“. That is similar to the unsend option in the Instagram and delete the message in the whatsApp. Now the messenger can the ability to unsend the message within 10 minutes of its delivery after that it will be delivered to the destination and it cant be able to unsend.The unsend option that helps you to correct your mistakes while you are sending a message. This unsend is formally called Remove For Everyone. Now, this facility is available in both the Android and the ios users. Using this facility you can unsend or remove any kind of messages like text, audio, video, image , etc within 10 minutes. After that time it will not able to use that remove for everyone option and use only the Remove for You. That can’t help you to remove the recipient’s message and is used to delete the messages in your end.

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