How To Fast Charge Your iPhone

Charging an iPhone or iPad is a slow process. But many of the apple users don’t know the fact that the speed of charging depends on the way we charge your devices. Here we are giving you some simple tips that will help you to charge your device faster. By following these tips you can fill your phone’s battery very faster and helps you to save a lot of time.

    The tips we are providing is very effective and didn’t cause any harm to your device.

1.USB-C-to-Lightning cable

    If you wanted to charge your iPhone faster, you need to buy a fast charger. Apple iPhone supported fast charging, but Apple doesn’t include a fast charger with an iPhone. The charger you select plays an important role in charging your device faster. The higher the number of watts, the faster your device will charge.

    Even though Apple doesn’t provide a fast charger with an iPhone, you can buy an additional product from apple itself to fast charge your device. USB-C-to-Lightning cable is a product from Apple which is in the form of a cable and a charging block. USB-C transmits power faster than other USB devices. By using this charger, you can charge your iPhone to 50% charge in just 30 minutes.

2.USB-C-Power Adapter

    Another way of fast charging your device is by using a power adapter. You can use Apple 18W, 29W, 30W,61W or 87W USB-C power adapters to fast charge your iPhone

3.Apple iPad Charger

    You can also use an Apple iPad charger to fast charge your iPhone. Apple’s iPad is provided with a 12W  charging block. So it will charge your iPhone faster than the 5W charger provided with the iPhone.

4.2A Power Bank

    If you are not interested to buy any other Apple products, you can fast charge your iPhone by using a 2A power bank. A 2A power bank will charge your iPhone very faster

5.Android Fast Charger

    You can use any of the android fast chargers to charge your iPhone.

5.Wireless Charging

    Wireless charging is the latest technology. A standard wireless charger is 7.5W. But it is slower than the iPad charger, which is 12W but faster than the normal iPhone charger


    By putting your phone in aeroplane mode while charging makes your phone charged faster than usual charging time.

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